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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy & Counselling near Southwark, South London & Forest Hill, South East London

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My name is Ajay Khandelwal and I am a psychoanalytical psychotherapist and counsellor based in London Bridge and Dulwich in South London

Psychotherapy in person (London) ; or zoom by arrangement

Hi I am Ajay and I am a psychoanalytical psychotherapist and counsellor based in London Bridge and Dulwich. I offer a warm and conversational style of therapy drawing on many theoretical influences.

The therapeutic setting is like an emotional labaratory where unconscious dynamics become available for exploration. I offer a relational method, with dialogue and humour, to aid the process. We may use face to face methods, a traditional couch, and video or telephone calls.

I offer psychotherapy, counselling and psychoanalytic psychotherapy in South London, near the Horniman musuem, and London Bridge, next to Borough Market.

I can help with depression, addictions, anxiety, and relationship problems face to face. I provide help for individuals and couples who are looking for a less rushed and more in depth approach to their psychological experiences.

Recent Articles

Naomi Osaka Quitting, Performance, Identity and the Inner Game
I read that Naomi has gone AWOL…which reminded me of this piece i wrote a while back… I recently persuaded an old friend to allow me into his tennis club for a knock about to celebrate the end of lockdown and the start of summer. I had heard him rave about Timothy Gallwey’s book, The […]
Elon Musk, Twitter, and Free Speech
Free Speech? Elon Musk has recently purchased Twitter, his views on free speech being a seemingly key motivator in his decision Psychoanalytic psychotherapist Ajay Khandelwal explores the difference between uncensored speech and free speech The only space rocket I’ve designed was made from a Fairy Liquid bottle with a valve attached. The only car I’ve […]
Dune, A Film about Human Nature
I was sitting in Leicester Square IMAX, on my second bag of popcorn, having drained my free rose, when the mic was passed to me. I said, “This is a question for all the cast. It’s a dream-like mystical film. At its heart is a prophetic dream. Did you have any dreams whilst making the […]
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Surviving Xmas
The psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion wrote that two personalities meeting results in an “emotional storm”. That’s why therapy sessions general last fifty minutes. There needs to be a break to protect both parties from the intensity of the encounter. The time limits allow ongoing and complex work that might otherwise be unbearable. There are of course […]
A Review of Couples Therapy on BBC2
A Review of Couples Therapy on BBC2 Hit documentary Couples Therapy offers an illuminating insight into the world of couples counselling and the complexity of relationships Psychotherapist Ajay Khandelwal explores why we find it such engaging viewing We have couples therapists available to support you here I was at engagement party in Central London recently, […]

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