Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy & Counselling IN LONDON BRIDGE, Southwark & Forest Hill, DULWICH

Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions, or anti-resolutions for 2024. My psychotherapy offices are now open, if you would like to go a bit deeper, get in touch.

You may have ideas about how you want 2024 to work out. Often we just repeat old patterns. Psychotherapy and counselling offering the opportunity to examine such patterns, and perhaps to modify or transform them.

There are patterns that are related to our family histories, and there are rhythms linked to the present. We are changed by our relationships and our environments.

I am a psychoanalytical psychotherapist. You may have searched for a counsellor, psychoanalyst, or couples therapist. The most important thing is that you find someone that you can work with who is right for you. Psychotherapy may provide some immediate psychological relief, even after a single session, but it is not a quick fix.

Psychotherapy requires a regular commitment. Psychotherapy works best for individual and couples who are able to commit to meeting with their therapist at the same time each week.

You may wish to read some of the articles on my website to get a sense of how we might work together. However, the best way to find out is to arrange an initial consultation, ideally in person.

I work with couples and individuals. I welcome clients who would like to work face to face with me in my Dulwich office, or in my Borough market consulting rooms. Alternatively, I can work with you using zoom.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Ajay Khandelwal and I am a psychoanalytical psychotherapist and counsellor based in London Bridge and Dulwich in South London

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